Bike Presentation for Thomas University presented on September 29th 2011Bicycle Friendly Universities (or BFU’s) are being recognized by the League of American Bicyclists starting this year.  With only 26 universities making the cut on the 2011 BFU Master Award List, it seems as though universities are just starting to learn about the award program.Is You College or University Bike Friendly?- take this short quiz

The Bike League, as they are frequently called, offers universities a quick scorecard to help them gauge where they stand. Although the bulk of the questions revolve around the organization’s Five E’s, the actual application also asks for the extent to which a university or college is partnering with local or on campus bike advocacy groups.

Rose City Cyclists member, Marc Santos, presented a brief overview to the components and benefits that BFU recognition would reward Thomas University with. A copy of the presentation is available for viewing and download via Issuu. The university’s Sustainability Committee were very excited about such a program’s potential at TU, and also listened to a presentation on the Thomasville Landmarks Multi-Use Trail by Thomasville’s GIS Analyst- Duane Treadon.

Rose City Cyclists will continue to provide information and support wherever possible with Thomas University’s Sustainability Committee. In the mean time, the below potential route maps remain on the drawing board. Stay tuned for more updates on these and other bike-friendly developments!