For those interested in cycling or commuting by bike to work:

Cycling can quickly become an enjoyable experience.  Bicycling to work helps to save on fuel costs, fosters a healthier body, helps reduce our carbon footprint, and is simply a great joy for both lone riders and group riders.
Please visit our commuting page for tips and pointers on getting to your workplace comfortably and sensibly on your bike.  In addition, stay tuned for updates as we hope to address many of the questions that commuters of all types have in and around Thomas County.

For the seasoned cyclists or those looking to train:

You’re the cyclist that wants more speed, longer distances, greater challenges, and a well oiled machine.  We have routes accustomed to higher speeds and distances, some of which can even be altered to the group’s overall preferences.
In addition, many of our members are willing to offer  training expertise and advice on equipment.

Other Resources:

Find local bicycle shops and repair facilities near you on our Local Bike Shops page.

Understand general safety guidelines and Georgia Bicycle Laws by visiting our Safety and Laws page.

Cycling isn’t quite enough for you?  Well that’s alright! Please visit our Events Calendar page for information on other sport activities and clubs occurring in and around Thomas County.

And finally, checkout out our sponsorship page for great businesses in the area and keep posted on our FaceBook page for new events, deals, and updates!