Mission Statement:

The Rose City Cyclist’s mission is to:
Help foster a support network of safe, confident cyclists of all riding abilities and backgrounds through group rides.
Promote healthy cyclist-motorist relationships on the road through education and by advocating for better infrastructure.
And to celebrate healthy, more sustainable lifestyles with the community at large by hosting family-friendly events and sharing resources with local organizations.


Over the past year Michael Pozo and Jim Simpson have laid the groundwork to build a cycling club that will encompass every aspect of cycling possible. They have received positive feedback from business representatives and fellow residents and cyclists of Thomasville, GA. Our vision is to create a club modeled after all the successful cycling clubs before us. A vision that will live on and grow well into the future. This of course will take time and resources; mainly human resources. We are looking for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds who can bring their own expertise and passion to this project. Of course not everyone has to put in huge amounts of work into the building of this Club, just having people join up and get somewhat involved will create momentum that the Club will grow.

General Goals:

We will…
Provide a format for information and communications among cyclists in our community through the use of this website, Yahoo Groups, FaceBook, and Twitter.
Strive to bring all levels of cyclists together.
Encourage, fellowship, healthy lifestyles, friendships, teamwork, and fun.
Promote safer cycling through education.
Inform cyclists and motorists about Georgia biking laws, and encourage the use of proper safety gear and group riding etiquette.
Advocate for posted bicycle routes on new and existing roadways throughout the community and general infrastructure improvements.
Organize events for cyclist and their families.
And provide club members a means to promote and contribute to local charities.